Is it an underwater background, a nebula or galaxy view, a 5G network, a map of mountain, a space view of the earth, synapses and neurons, a city view in the night or anything else ?

A jump into the abyss ? a technological or parachute jump? on the surface like the dolphin ?

For this reason, Yves deliberately brought out the background of the canvas. Ready to dive ? How far ?

Are you ready to commit, to invest in our crazy world? How to approach it, gradually or the big leap? to accelerate our knowledge about ourselves, our limits, our environment ?


Discrete signature allows exposure in 4 rotations



Original creation

White framed oïl on linen

100 x 100 cm, 39.37 x 39.37 inc.


Pictures: Alain Le Coz, photograph, Toulouse


Available. Price on demand (with or without frame)



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