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Yves Weiler is a french painter creating figuratives and abstract paintings.


Yves loves the sea, the mountain, the space and their interactions with humans. Due to his scientific background, the infinitely small or the galactic space are never far from his themes.


 For the figuratives canvases, the objective is to use several senses: added to the view, to feel the cold, the darkness in the mountain combes, the power of waves and wind on the sea, the snow freezing our face, etc...


For the abstract, Yves appreciates leaving a wide interpretation of the painting: some could be inspired by the sea or space or anything else. The discret signature allows four possibilities of exhibition.


Recent physical exhibition is closed to Toulouse. In parallel, digital exhibition in progress in Berlin, Basel and Miami.


Yves lives in Toulouse and in the Lot, in the south of France. 

Yves can deliver paintings from his original creation or from your order which could based on your personal pictures.


Don't hesitate to contact him.

Recent review

Luxembourg Art Prize 2021 and 2022: 2nd certificate of Artistic merit (click on it)